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Personal Training

Routine exercise decreases risk factors attributed with diseases such as hypertension, coronary obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, obesity, and depression.

It contributes to increased blood circulation, energy and improved sleep quality. Sleep is extremely beneficial for the nervous system and body. If you are in need of a dedicated fitness professional who applies fundamental principles of exercise science, communication, and patience when training I can help you!

A great deal of thoughtfulness, planning, and consideration is taken when designing each session. Criteria used include health history (taken from the intake form), physical abilities, time, and goals. Each session is reinforced with support, and tools for nutritional guidance.

Areas of Focus

  • Improving Endurance and Cardiovascular Health
  • Strength Gains
  • Core Training To Maintain Balance and Posture
  • Weight Management
  • Metabolic Health

Sessions are held at independent training spot in Nomad, New York by appointment only. In addition to live personal training you have the additional option of subscribing to one of my mobile training plans below.

30 Minute Personal Training Session
60 Minute Personal Training Sessions
DMPT Mobile App Subscription
DMPT Mobile App Subscription With Meal and Nutrition Support

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy in conjunction with personal training are two key components in maintaining overall health. Massage targets the muscles, skin, and the nervous system. People seek massage to address muscle fatigue, and nagging sensations of pain. Massage Therapy also promotes recovery after sporting events and plays a role in reducing the risk of injury when applied prior to sporting events.

Areas of Focus

  • Reduce Sensations of Muscle Spasms
  • Encourage Optimal Movement
  • Diminish Muscle Tension
  • Promote Recovery From Tissue Injury
  • Management of Lymph edema

During each session I take time to listen to each person’s needs and deliver my massage to support those needs.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions masks and proper hand hygiene protocols must be followed during and after sessions.

30 Minute Massage Session
60 Minute Massage Session
90 Minute Massage Session
60 Minute Medical Massage with Heat/Ice
90 Minute Sports Massage With Stretches and Heat
60 Minute Manual Lymphatic Drainage

My name is Jason Charles. I became a massage therapist to help clients move better. Most of my career is spent helping those who experience limitations from muscle pain and need help managing it. As a massage therapist applying manual therapy, compassion, and empathy to help my clients recover from injury and manage pain is rewarding. It brings me great joy in knowing I contribute to helping others in this unique way.
As a personal trainer, I help clients achieve optimal fitness regardless of where they are in life. I believe that everyone can benefit from exercise. In addition to applying soft skills from massage therapy, I provide each client with the support and motivation needed to help achieve their long term goals.

Due to the current pandemic my practice will now be paperless. I retained the services of handshealehr inc, to manage and store my client documentation. Documentation such as consent forms, notes, session history, and demographic information are stored securely.

For appointment inquiries please review my hours below and indicate your preference using the form below. For scheduling inquiries please fill out the form below indicating the date and time you wish to schedule your session. If availability exists you will receive an email with a scheduling link.

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